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The Wizards' Hollow is a permanent Mini-game Island that lets the player collect an exclusive dragon from the hollow itself. Players must go through 50 rooms, each containing 4 orbs. The player must collect rewards while avoiding wizards hidden in the orbs. Every 3 days, the grand prize is refreshed.

The Gameplay[]

In each room, there are 4 orbs with a random prize inside of it. The player must tap one of the 4 orbs to collect a prize. As the player surpasses room 5, the wizards are introduced, and more are introduced as the player continues further. If the player clicks an orb with a wizard in it, the game ends and the player's rewards are lost.


The rewards are listed as follows:

  • Food
  • Gems (20-50)
  • Gold
  • Runestones (Used for Limited Collection chests)
  • Wizard - Ends the minigame and breaks your streak.

Prize history[]


  • this mini-game takes inspiration from the Dues Daily Bonus and Lucky Lair mini-games, but with actual plot and challenge.
  • This mini-game acts as a revival of the wizards' towers.
  • The mini-game was disliked by many fans.