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"Five Wizards from the most remote places of the universe have arrived in Dragon City to give you an incredible advantage. Get them and they'll let you speed up for free once a day on any wait time of the game. Once you have them, they'll be at your service forever."

The Shrines are new buildings that allow you to speed up once a day different aspects of the game. Every shrine unlocks a new speedup.


Mage Shrine

Mage Shrine (cost: 250 Gem template (old: 1000 gems))

FUNCTION: It speeds up only one farm or one hatching egg, always the one with the least amount of time left.

Sorcerer Shrine

Sorcerer Shrine (cost: 500 Gem template (old: 1500 gems))

Wizard Shrine

Wizard Shrine (cost: 750 Gem template (old: 2000 gems))

Druid Shrine

Druid Shrine (cost: 1000 Gem template (old: 2500 gems))

Archmage Shrine

Archmage Shrine (cost: 1500 Gem template (old: 3000 gems))


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