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Part 1[]

Viking Habitat

"The Viking habitat is the home of the epic Viking Dragons. Thor and Loki play as friends again while Odin look at them gratefull here."

For completing Part 1 of the quest, you will receive the Viking Habitat.

Name Alt Display Elem Player Level XP Max Dragons Max Gold Bar Icon Build Time
Viking Habitat Image 2905 Flame 5 N/A 3 60,000 Instant

Part 2[]

Thor Dragon 3

"Thor is known for his mastery at war, besides his beloved six pack. He loves to battle since he can remember, making every fight a competition against his brother, Loki."

For completing Part 2 of the quest, you will receive the Thor Dragon.

Part 3[]

Loki Dragon 3

"Loki has always been a clever and sharp warrior. With his deadly dark skills he's able to defeat most of his enemies. There is only one thing he lacks to be a perfect warrior: His brother's hammer!"

For completing Part 3 of the quest, you will receive the Loki Dragon.

Part 4[]

Odin Dragon 3

"Deus and Odin often hang out together. When so, they talk about exciting topics as the weather or new born dragons. When they get extremely bored by that stuff, they start dragon wars. Betting on their best champions, they watch the fight together."

For completing Part 4 of the quest, you will receive the Odin Dragon.