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Vampire Bat
File:Vampire Bat Animation.gif
Element Dark
Base Power 2000
Training time 12 hours

Vampire Bat is a move exclusive to the Negan Dragon. Its base power is 2000.

Skill Effect[]

Steals life points from the opponent.

This move is to steal health points from your opponent, similar to Root Sap, Gaia Sap, Leech Fang and Corrupted Fangs. The user will receive 75% amount of health point as the amount of damage to the opponent.

This move heals less than Leech Fang and deals less damage than Corrupted Fangs.

With the addition of Plasma Colony dragons, using this move against the dragons with "Plasma Parasite" or "Ruling Parasite" can damage the attacker instead.

Once used, you have to wait 2 turns before next use.