• Click on shrine, then "cast spell"
  • After clicking "cast spell", orange arrows appear above the things the mage can effect
  • Once you select whatever thing you want to effect, the mage will begin casting his spell on it the status bar turns green, and fills until complete.
  • Then the mage goes back to his platform to recharge for 24 hours. Then you can use him again the following day.
OK, so on the Book of Face, they offer Mage shrines (500 Gems ea.) that correspond to the temples you have. The shrines are only availible for Facebook at the moment, as mobile hasn't caught up yet. 

The qustion is; Are they worth it? 

Well, so far, I only have one, and I got it for 500 Gems (because I'm a payer-player and had the gems). Why did I buy it? Simply because the mage can cast a spell once per 24 hours that speeds up one action in your city.

You can use him to speed up a breeding in  the Breeding Sanctuary, the tree, or the mountain.

(You can use him to speed up a building, though I haven't tested it out yet, I imagine you could) < Untested theory! 

You can also use his spell to speed up hatching. HOWEVER when speeding up a hatching in your hatchery he ONLY speeds up the egg with the least amount of time left. So you can't aim it at a particular egg. That might be a negative to some, but I don't have a problem with it. I can just manage to free up another nest in my hatchery for a new egg. 

Since I've purchased him, I've used it every day. Typically for speeding up a breeding. I figured out the hatchery thing as well, noting that his spell does not cover the entire hatchery, merely the egg that has the shortest amount of time left to hatch. 

I've added a slideshow so you can see what happens. 

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