Type Element Terra Element Flame Element Sea Element Nature Element Electric Element Ice
Element Terra TerraTerra Dragon 015s
Element Flame

VolcanoVolcano Dragon 01m
Flaming RockFlaming Rock Dragon 030s
Aztec L15 Aztec Dragon 020h

FlameFlame Dragon 030s
Element Sea

MudMud Dragon 05h/6h
WaterfallWaterfall Dragon 04h/4h
Plankton L10Plankton Dragon 016h/20h
Jelly L15 Jelly Dragon 012h

CloudCloud Dragon 05h/6h
BlizzardBlizzard Dragon 02h/2h

SeaSea Dragon 05m

Element Nature

CactusCactus Dragon 08h
TropicalTropical Dragon 07h/10h
Centipede L10 Centipede Dragon 016h/20h
Deep Forest L15 Deep Forest Dragon 020h

SpicySpicy Dragon 020h
FirebirdFirebird Dragon 07h/10h
ButterflyButterfly Dragon 012h
Paradise L10 Paradise Dragon 020h

NenufarNenufar Dragon 06h
CoralCoral Dragon 012h
Seahorse L10Seahorse Dragon 020h

NatureNature Dragon 020m

Element Electric

StarStar Dragon 07h/8h
ChameleonChameleon Dragon 09h/12h
SkySky Dragon 020h

Hot MetalHot Metal Dragon 012h
LaserLaser Dragon 012h
Music L10 Music Dragon 020h
Aurora L15 Aurora Dragon 020h

Lantern FishLantern Fish Dragon 07h/10h
StormTerra Dragon 012h
Hydra L15 Hydra Dragon 01d 20h

GummyGummy Dragon 010h

ElectricElectric Dragon 010h

Element Ice

AlpineAlpine Dragon 013h/16h
SnowflakeSnowflake Dragon 09h/12h
Great WhiteL10Great White Dragon 020h

Cool FireCool Fire Dragon 012h
SoccerSoccer Dragon 012h
Ice&Fire L15 Ice&Fire Dragon 01d8h

IcecubeIce Cube Dragon 012h
Ice CreamIce Cream Dragon 019h/16h
Viking L15Viking Dragon 020h

MojitoMojito Dragon 09h/12h
DandelionDandelion Dragon 09h/12h

FluorescentFluorescent Dragon 013h/16h
MooseMoose Dragon 09h/12h
PrismaPrisma Dragon 0/1d 8h

IceIce Dragon 012h

Element Metal

ArmadilloArmadillo Dragon 012h
Treasure L15Treasure Dragon 012h

MedievalMedieval Dragon 09h/12h
SteampunkSteampunk Dragon 013h/16h
Carnival L15Carnival Dragon 020h
Ruby L15Ruby Dragon 020h

MercuryMercury Dragon 09h/12h
SeashellSeashell Dragon 012h
Hammer L15Hammer Dragon 012h

JadeJade Dragon 013h/16h
DragonflyDragonfly Dragon 016h
Emerald L15Emerald Dragon 020h

GoldGold Dragon 012h
BatteryBattery Dragon 013h16h

PearlPearl Dragon 016h
PlatinumPlatinum Dragon 09h/12h

MetalMetal Dragon 010h

In green I have marked the actual breeding times I have noted in my breeding log and in black official times from the wiki here:

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