Top 5 List on my favourite dragons!

5. Flame Dragon. They say a dog is a man's best friend, but mine may well be Crimson and Red! If it wasn't for me owning two Flame Dragons, I wouldn't be doing so well! One for combat and one for breeding... yeah.

4. Nature Dragon. My mum starting playing the game quite recently, and she called her Nature Dragon 'Fuffy'. And I LOVED that name! I say it all the time now. Did you know that if you say 'Fuffy' 50 times it has a 93.84% chance to drive your older brother mental? Well, that much is true.

3. Ghost Dragon. He's so blinking cute! Yeah, I'm sure everyone (Not just me!) would rather own The Phantom Queen, but Ghost Dragons are cute. I wish you could hatch them before Lv.22 though...

2. Necromancer Dragon. Yeah, I don't have one, but the split second I saw one, I loved him with all my heart. I mean, a dragon in a hood with a cute yet spooky face in front of his nose? What's not to like?

1. Aztec Priest Dragon. I love my Aztec Priest too. He's the only dragon I found in the Cursed Forest (Using all my gems at the time), and I really like him. He's called Fernando and naturally he's very magical. I might write a book about him.

So, my Top 5 is...

Flame Dragon 1 Nature Dragon 1 Ghost Dragon 1 Necromancer Dragon 1 Aztec Priest Dragon 1

Who's your top 5?

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