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Frame Concept (2 first colums)

The idea is to give the mainpage the ability to navigate slowly and easy to the article you need. This will be done by an layer system that you probaly already saw on some wikias. Still installing that is far to easy for our wikia. With one more jquery coder we would be able to code our own system with no limitations. The concept:

Layer 1

Wikia Navigation Idea Main

Layer 2

Game Updates

Link list with the last updates (maybe icons to refer what kind of update)

  • Advance display for forum update topics
  • Twitter >> DC page
  • Facebook >> DC page

Game Content

Icons with the following data:

  • Dragons
  • Events > Layer 3: Seasonal, Theme, Mini-Game, External
  • Buildings
  • Breeding
  • Area
  • Combat

... still brainstorming


Icons with the following data:

  • Events (Community)
  • Updates
  • Management
  • Personal Sandbox
  • Personal CSS
  • Personal JS
  • Specialpages
  • Admin (staff???)
  • Forum
  • Chat
  • Twitter >> DC wiki fanpage
  • Facebook >> DC wiki fanpage
  • ...

... still brainstorming



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