I decide to update the infobox again. I would like to hear your feedback. What do your think the infobox need? Do you like the content it contains or does it need something more or less.

The infobox is recently released to béta. If you known something to improve it. Now is your last chance.

Currently planned changes:

  • Add the breeding parents level requirement (probaly an icon like social point did)

Current discussions

  • Food levels


  • Visual Template vs Data Templates


  • Dragon Content (all visual templates) input = Data Template

Structure Dragon Page

  • Entire Infobox (main, leveling, battle, mugshot)
  • Prefix Trivia and or database change tab.
  • Open: Trivia, Gallery
  • Toggle function (hide below line)
  • Available adjustments (events removed > History (last tab))
  • Breeding Section to first tab


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