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Hello, I am just simply a secondary student that loves wiki's, anime's, manga's and light novels! I founded this wiki around 2 weeks after I started learning how to edit, before that I was an active editor of a very inactive wiki. At first, what I planned was to just simply ask for some changes but then later I noticed that a lot of the wiki's information was missing so I decided that I would start editing as a regular editor the wiki :). Later on, I became an admin (after 1 week of editing).

I'm currently an admin for this wiki!

Here on the wiki, I try to add all the missing information along with making the design of the wiki a bit more modern! I also love to communicate with other active chatters in the wiki's Discussions.

I'm active on this wiki daily, so feel free to send me a message on my message wall or through my Discord account if you have any questions or concerns regarding the wiki, I would try to answer it as quick as possible! Have a nice day!

About Me

  • Languages: I am a native English and Vietnamese speaker, my French is at level A1 ;-;
  • Time Zone: My time zone is GMT + 07, please expect me not to reply immediately if it's not an appropriate time, you can check my current time below!
    # NAME UTCOFF ZONE Current-time +7:00 GMT+7
  • Favourite Colour: My favourite colour is definitely blue, that is also why my favourite element is Water!
  • Birthday: Well..if you can find my user on a legacy wiki then you would have known my birthday, so it does not hurt to say it! It's 20/12.

My Interest


I love editing, it is one of my main hobby now. I have recently started to rate some games, books, anime's based on its wiki (lol, I am fully aware that that can be incorrect a lot of times). My favourite wiki is of course the Dragon City Wiki (the only wiki I edit regularly). I also like the Bungo Stray Dogs Wiki, Maou Gakuin Wiki, Vietnamese Kimetsu No Yaiba wiki, Disney Wiki, Genshin Impact Wiki, You-zitsu Wiki, Pokemon Wiki, Monster Legend Wiki, Owari No Seraph Wiki.

Anime/Manga/Light Novel

Of course, wiki's can never change my love of anime, manga and light novel (now I even edit and watch anime at the same time :)). I watch a lot of animes, but the ones I like the most are Sword Art Online (I am literally crazy over this series, just look at the swords skills in it, who would not go crazy. Well..maybe exclude the Alternative "Gun Gale Online", it's bad, only guns, no swords at all), You-zitsu (A very very good series), Bungo Stray Dogs (9.9/10), Maou Gakuin (9.8/10). I also watch a lot of othet anime's including:

  • Code Geuss (9/10)
  • Boku no Hero (8/10)
  • Mahouka (9.5/10)
  • Hyaku-Man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru (9/10)
  • Assassin Pride (9.5/10)
  • Ao no Exorcist (8.5/10, I hate Yukio, that's why it's 8.5, if no, it would be 10/10)
  • Hyouka (9/10)
  • Danjon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darō ka (9.5/10)
  • Re:Zero (5/10)
  • Kamisama ni Natta Hi


Of course, I play games (duh), I like playing Dragon City (9.5/10), SAO ARS (9.9/10, again...I am crazy over SAO)., Genshin Impact (10/10, who would not love a game with such a great look and sound, along with a great story line. Also there's Kirito's voice actor in it, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, again...I am love SAO).


I also listen to music on Spotify, I love hearing mainly EDM's (not too EDM'ish tho) and Japanese OP's/EP's. Sometimes I also listen to a song that just simply catches my ear :)


These are the pages that you can expect me to finish within the near time: It means that these are my top priority!
  • Finish all the maze Islands (I think it is completed?)
  • Recreate the 100 Floors Cup (Status: 16/100 parts has been finished. Currently dropped doing it until the 1001 nights grid event is completed)
  • Finish all the other event pages (are nearly done with some events, no current plan for other types of events. Might have some changes to the plan later)
    • Grid
    • Maze
    • Puzzle
  • Finish 5 first dragons (has started, Terra Dragon is nearly done, the rest is in progress, currently stopped to focus on other priorities)
  • Finish Legacy Dragon, Terra Dragon and Flame Dragons & it's moves (currently doing it, nearly done with Terra, Flame and Legacy hopefully can be done by 15/1)
  • Create a template for Featured Dragon (has not started yet)
  • Finish the design of collections (stopped for now)
  • Update the top nav + categories for event pages
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