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  • I live in United States
  • I was born on August 26
  • My occupation is Master of not finishing things that I've started, lord of badges, creator of RPs, Ravenclaw student, and summoner of fanfictions
  • I am Female and not interested in having a relationship so don't even bother to ask. I will be your friend though.
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I love Dragon City and anything having to do with dragons. That includes Wings of Fire and the Inheritance Cycle.

Me in Dragon City

Name: Pboenix Song

Level: 37

Alliance: Dragon Disney Fan Club

Master Points: 8,036

Trophies: 3,164

Unique Dragons: 128 or 130. Apparently DC can't decide

Guardian Towers Achieved: 5

Last Ancient World dragon summoned: Poseadus

Gold: 4.106 M

Gems: 7

Platinum: 34.603

Food: 202,447

Heroic Races won: 1

Friends: 0

Current Quest: Lava Cup

League: 6

Best dragon: Grogar the High Relentless Dragon - level 25 - fully Trained - not Empowered

Last updated 9/21/19

Dragons I Own

Rune the Terra Dragon

Peril the Flame Dragon

Nuclear Bomb the Volcano Dragon

Volcano the Flaming Rock Dragon

Tsunami the Sea Dragon

Simple the Mud Dragon

Changeling the Waterfall Dragon

Counterintuitive the Blizzard Dragon

Devil the Nature Dragon

Prickly Pear the Cactus Dragon

Tree the Tropical Dragon

Hot Pepper the Spicy Dragon

Peewee the Firebird Dragon

Reef the Coral Dragon

Bulbasaur the Nenufar Dragon

Zap the Electric Dragon

Darkstalker the Chameleon Dragon

🌟lite the Star Dragon

Gummy the Gummy Dragon

Magnetic Field the Hot Metal Dragon

Laser the Laser Dragon

Zeus the Storm Dragon

Lightbulb the Lantern Fish Dragon

Sheep the Ice Dragon

Elsa the Snowflake Dragon

Relax :) the Icecube Dragon

Glo the Flourescent Dragon

I Spy... Tree! the Moose Dragon

Persistence the Metal Dragon

Aurora the Cool Fire Dragon

Knowsmore the Jade Dragon

Snow White the Pearl Dragon

Toothless the Dark Dragon

Elder Tree the Venom Dragon

Thorn the Hedgehog Dragon

Maleficent the Dark Fire Dragon

Dracula the Vampire Dragon

Pyro the Pirate Dragon

Fossil the Petroleum Dragon

Viper the Rattlesnake Dragon

Marshmallow the Penguin Dragon

Hermes the Archangel Dragon

Supreme Court the Justice Dragon

Neon the Luminescent Dragon

Root the Mater Natura Dragon

Spectrum the Photon Dragon

Ares the War Dragon

Some Dark Stone Dragon in the Dragonarium

Kraken the Leviathan Dragon

Saturn the Pure Dragon

Cliff the Pure Terra Dragon

Ember the Pure Flame Dragon

Dumbledore the Wizard Dragon

Fiendfyre the Burning Dragon

Lupin the Howl Dragon

Breezy Griffin the Sky Dragon

Wild the Aztec Dragon

Bittergreen the King Dragon

Jell-O the Jelly Dragon

Chill and Char the Ice&Fire Dragon

Sphynx the Pharaoh Dragon

Amazon the Paradise Dragon

Cupid the Love Dragon

Whale the Brontosaurus Dragon

Stink the Centipede Dragon

Nettlebrand the Angry Dragon

Poseidon the Poseidon Dragon

Mike the Monstrous Dragon

Firestar the Ivory Dragon

Skeleton the Origami Dragon

King Sombra the Black Knight Dragon

Selene the Eclipse Dragon

Ghost the Specter Dragon

Subzero the Frozen Wind Dragon

Eagle the Giant Wings Dragon

Amethyst the Amethyst Dragon

Some Twister Dragon in the Dragonarium

Milky Way the Cosmo Dragon

Rebel the Big Rockstar Dragon

Zombie the Martial Arts Dragon

Bull the Double Terra Dragon

Hulk the Pterodactyl Dragon

Tiger the Slam Dragon

Pinestar the Apache Dragon

Sunset Shimmer the Red Rose Dragon

Ariel the Mermaid Dragon

Arctic Sky the Equinox Dragon

Spacetime the Energy Dragon

Infinity the DéjàVu Dragon

Wisp the Wisp Dragon

Helios the Sunrise Dragon

Yesss the Diva Dragon

EPA the Padron Dragon

Magistrate the Tiger Dragon

Trickster the Banana Dragon

Prism the Drainbow Dragon

Blob the Friendship Dragon

Ferris the Big Wheel Dragon

Reaper the Deathly Dragon

Apocalypse the Hunger Dragon

Icicle the Freezox Dragon

Years the Nineties Dragon

Alpha the Charging Dragon

Princess Luna the Dream Dragon

Viking the Bjorn Dragon

Plasma the Katsumoto Dragon

Sir Lancelot the Lancelot Dragon

Rage the Fury Dragon

Mantis the Mighty Mantis Dragon

Darth Vader the Augmented Dragon

Mayhem the Wandering Dragon

Galbatorix the Destiny Dragon

SG the Durukuru Dragon

Hawthorn the Shielded Dragon

Wreck-It Ralph the Primal Dragon

Peacock the Vainglorious Dragon

Eye of Evil the Dark Star Dragon

Falling Leaves the Eurus Dragon

Some Overshadow Dragon in the Dragonarium

Arctursus the Little Volt Dragon

Columbus the Explorer Dragon

Gale the Wind Dragon

Grogar the High Relentless Dragon

Feather Bangs the K-Pop Dragon

Prince the Black Metal Dragon

Orik the Dwarf Dragon

Arya the Elven Dragon


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