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Not the noob you were looking for.

-LinkCable2, 2018

I'm Back!

Greatest Achievements[]

  • Getting the Lucky Dragon badge.
  • Finishing all of the Corrupted Clan Pages
  • Getting in the Users Pop-out thingie.
  • Clutching the High Cybernetic Dragon (Super close win)

To-Do List[]

1: Complete the Pirate Dragon Page

2: Complete the Mwahaha Dragon Page

3: Complete all the Corrupted Clan Dragon Pages

Finished Pages:[]

Overshadow Dragon

Beast Mode Dragon

Bastet Goddess Dragon

Osiris God Dragon

Corrupted Legend Dragon

High Occult Titan Dragon

High Resolution Dragon

High Fenrir Dragon

Drace Dragon

Pirate Dragon

Mwahaha Dragon

Corrupted Flame Dragon

Corrupted Nature Dragon

High Typhoon Dragon

Corrupted Electric Dragon

Corrupted War Dragon

Event Progress[]


Dragon City Goals.[]