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Hello, My name is Ferris25, aka Jake47b. I am currently an Admin of this wiki. You can have any question or concerns regarding wiki, You can message me on Message Wall or through Discord Jake47b#1153 . I would try to answer as fast as possible!

My time zone is Bangkok Time (GMT+7):
Current local time: 09:46, Jul 3, 2022

My briefly Bio.[]

High winter Dragon 3.png

I've played Dragon City since 2016. I miss and remember many old stuffs.
My favorite Dragon City story is Legends of Deus.
I'll innovate dragon pages, add more dragon pages, and information as much as possible.


  • Special moves
  • Zombie Elements Dragons (Terra, Flame, Nature, Star)
  • Star Dragons family (Super Star, Zombie Star, Dark Star, High Star, Wishing Star, New Dawn)
  • Element moves
  • More Category pages
  • Ancient World content