As I said. I will not work with Rianza33.

LOL Look at her "work history" The only things she wanted from Crat menu is look out for herself. patrolled... patrolled... patrolled... Even my pages! LOL I love it when I'm right. ROTFLMAO

  • I'm banned for being rude to her, forget the rest. She's not doing her job, she's being vengeful.
  • I told you guys she's not right for Admin, worse yet, 'crat.
  • She can't do zip now that no one is helping her. All she could do was type and push buttons.
  • I'll probably get banned again for no good reason, but who cares. She can shoot herself in the foot if she wants to.
  • There is one thing she can't delete, though. History. ahahahaha
  • Well, at least she Crat'd someone to look after the wiki.

Why am I here? Because I put a lot of time into this wiki. Because I am wondering if she will grow up and prove me wrong, or if I am still right after all this time. Because I was wondering if DC (NOT DCW) has improved enough for me to come back. (Doesn't look like it, though.) OK, and a bit of "I miss my old friends, I wonder how they are doing?"

Don't look for me here, though you can find me on FB - I'm busy in real life, and banning me gave me a year of peace to further my career, in truth.

Bye. I'm off for a decade or two of holiday. :) Maybe I'll check in again sometime to see if Ria has proved me wrong. hahaha

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