Ultra Breeding Tree
This is where the magic happens too, but this time in a tree! Put two dragons in and see what comes out! Speedup with gems if you want to find out faster!

Ultra Breeding Tree (Level 1) 

Ultra breding trees

Ultra Breeding Tree

  • Requisite: Level 15 
  • Cost : 100 Gem template
  • Bulid Time : 3 Hours

It is the second breeding area after the Breeding Mountain. Both buildings are limited to one instance.

Ultra Breeding Tree (Level 2) 

Ultra Breeding Tree 2

The Level-2 upgrade option for the Ultra Breeding Tree was released on 14/5/2015 (along with the Breeding Mountain upgrade).

The permanent upgrade will reduce the total time for all breedings by 20%

  • Cost: 150 Gem template
  • XP: 75,000 Xp template.


  • If you buy the Ultra Breeding Tree, it is advisable have the Hatchery upgraded to 3 or 4.
  • For more info about breeding, please visit the Breeding page.


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