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Twisted Tale Maze Island

This event has expired on 29 January 2024 10:59:59 +0000.

Maze island


  • Start: 18 January 2024
  • Duration: 11 Days
  • End: 29 January 2024


The following dragons are obtainable in the Twisted Tale Maze Island event. Note: Some dragons may be changed for others depending on what dragons you currently own.

Big Hat Dragon 3 Dwarf Dragon 3 Elder Mountain Dragon 3 Zombie Nature Dragon 3
Big Hat Dragon Dwarf Dragon Elder Mountain Dragon Zombie Nature Dragon
Ovi Dragon 3 Chariot Dragon 3 Lunar Eclipse Dragon 3 Gatekeeper Dragon 3
Ovi Dragon Chariot Dragon Lunar Eclipse Dragon Gatekeeper Dragon
Sledgehammer Dragon 3 Bavarian Dragon 3 Holi Dragon 3 Chubby Dragon 3
Sledgehammer Dragon Bavarian Dragon Holi Dragon Chubby Dragon
Blazing Steed Dragon 3 Fake Entrance Dragon 3
Blazing Steed Dragon Fake Entrance Dragon