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This page shows what the buttons are. Mostly, this can be used for new Editors and Contributors.

Main Page

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  1. Top Navigation - This Navigates the pages on DCW.
    1. On the Wiki - This section shows the content of the wiki. We have 6 kinds inside on "On the Wiki"
      1. Wiki Activity - Shows the whole activity of the content wheteher Edit, Post or Create any photos and videos.
      2. Random Page - When you click this any page will be opened randomly.
      3. Videos - Library of Videos, It shows all videos created and who they are created by.
      4. Photos - Library of Photos, It shows all photos created and who they are created by.
      5. Chat - You can talk with active contributors. Profile Picture shown when someone's active.
      6. Forum - You can reply on discussions of our contributors, You can also give your opinion about their discussions.
    2. The Game - This section shows about the game. We have 5 kinds on "Game"
      1. Basics - Shows some basic moves on Dragon City.
      2. Construct - Shows the all the categories on the "Build" menu you always need on the Game.
      3. Dragons by Element - Shows what kind of element of your dragon have.
      4. Dragons by Type - Shows what kind of your dragon;Shows what kind of Generation is your dragon.
      5. Minigames - Shows all minigames on Dragon City PC, iOS & Android Versions. We have 4 "Gameplay".
      6. Breeding - Shows how to get your dragons to complete your collection!
      7. Breeding Tutorials - You can see here some techniques on Breeding Dragons.
      8. FAQ - This FAQ tells about bugs. You can see here some examples of bugs and Problems on DC.
    3. DCW- This section shows the additional pages that you need to see! We have 6 "DCWs".
      1. DCW FAQ - This page have some tutorials "how to?" on DCW without coding.
      2. The Drawing Board - This page where you write or post your masterpiece here. Let your masterpiece show!
      3. Tutorials - This page have some tutorials "how to contribute?" on DCW on coding.
      4. Users - Find your name here to become most active contributor in Wiki.
      5. Staffing - This staff can help you to contribute or don't understand the Tutorials.
      6. DC Links - This links where you can see pages related to this wiki.
    4. Review - This section where we need our help! We have 5 "Review"
      1. Projects - This page where this wiki comes together to organize and discuss the projects of the wiki.
      2. Articles - You can see here the Most Popular, Page recently changed and Page browsed.
      3. Navigation - You can see here you need to edit. You can add points with editing!
      4. Special Pages - You can see here the pages with problems on editing.
      5. Policy - You can see here the Rules and Regulations of this wiki.
  2. Search Box - This is the easiest way to search your Dragon Page.
  3. Contribute - This also an another way to contribute on the wiki.
  4. Share - a button that shares the link to this wiki on your FB, Twitter, etc,.
  5. Title & Edit Button - this where you see the name of the pages and use to edit the page.
  6. Dragon City Wiki Logo - Click this to go Main Page.
  7. Infobox - The Easiest way to find your dragon pages without typing.
  8. Statistics - This info, you can see the creation of this wiki, all pages, photos on this wiki and how many active contributors are in this wiki.
  9. Social - You can use this by communicating each other.
    1. Chat - You can chat with other users on this wiki.
    2. Forum - You can reply to  discussions by our contributors.
    3. Facebook - You can see here the updates on Dragon City by App Page on Facebook
    4. Twitter - You can see here the updates on Dragon City by App Page on Twitter.
  10. Registration - This is the answer why we need you to log-in and sign-up.
  11. Polls - You can vote here on following polls.
  12. Blogs - You can see here some blogs of our contributors.

Your Account


  1. Your account - To see what is the account sign-in.
  2. Message Wall - To see your messages on your account.
  3. My Preferences - To see your contributions and your settings.
  4. Help - To help you in contributing. 
  5. Log out - To log-out your account.

Dragon Pages

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  1. Information - You can see here the Name, Edit button and Number of pages on this wiki.
  2. Infobox - You can see the information of the Dragon.
    1. Overview - The appearance of the dragon
    2. Statitics - Criteria of Combat, Breeding, Economy and Time.
    3. Earning - The Income of gold of your dragon by level.
    4. Attacks - The Attacks and Trained Attacks of your dragon.
    5. Damage Calculator - List of Immunity and Weakness of your dragon and its attacks.
    6. Hitpoints (HP) - Life of your dragon when battling at combat.
    7. Breeding - List of possible dragons to get this.
    8. History - List of time when this dragon created, end time and their generations.
    9. On the top of the files, you can see the picture of Nature Dragon. Every move of your mouse on the top of the files you can see - Description, Mugshot & Code Num.
  3. ​Trivia - You can see the sentences that related to the Dragon.
  4. Automated Names - You can edit here the First Name of your Dragon.
  5. Gallery - Photos of the dragon
  6. Other Languages - You can visit the other DCWs with same page.
  7. Related Dragons - Dragons related to your dragon visiting.
  8. Discussions - Reply and talk about the dragon and type your story how you get the dragon.



  1. URL - Uniform Resource Locator - A way to search your pages and threads on DCW.
  2. Discussion - You can see here the User and his/her posts.   We have many sections on the Forum.
  3. Reply - You can see the contributors' opinion about the discussion.
  4. Title - You can see here the Title and Section of the Thread.
  5. Search Box - Best way to search for Dragon pages or any information about the game.  
  6. Forum Activity - You can see here who posts and starts a discussion.
  7. Kudos - You can like the discussion and follow it.