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Method of Switching Player[]

Switching Facebook account outside the game[]

1. In Facebook. You are in his first Facebook account or Main Account
2. Logging out

2.1) Tap "" button to Menu
2.2a) Tap "the accounts" where located the right side of the screen and under the search button (magnify glass icon).
2.2b) Or scroll down until you see "Log out" button.
2.3) Choose your alternative account and log in as your second account.

Inside the game[]

1. While you are in the game as the first account's main island. Tap or click the Settings icon icon to go to the Settings menu. Which is located on the right corner of the screen.
2. Press CHANGE PLAYER button button.
3. If you want to switch as Facebook. Press Connect to facebook button button.
4. Wait while linking into Facebook account.
5. When it's successful linking into Facebook account. The message box pops up: "This account is already linked to as started game on level (current player's level), do you want to load it?". then Press "Yes" button to proceed changing player and the game restarts and load into your second account's main island.

Note: In case when you realized that you forget some tasks left, you can press "No", The game not let you change player.