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This Document is intended to explore & compare different methods of Basic Resource Gathering - Gold, XP and Gems.

Top 5 for Farming Gold[]

Top# Name Why? Qty.# It gives
5 Winning a League Battle Best way on buildings, better than Market. You can get these bonuses by winning but it's only available for every 6 hours. The higher league rank you are the more gold you ger. Limit: 6 times 1000 - 51000 Gold
4 Demon Dragon The best way on Exclusive Dragons but second way on Dragons. This dragon's revenue is more than Legendary Dragon at first but Legendary Dragons have better revenue of gold.


Can't get now

Level 30: 534 Gold
3 Legendary Dragons The best way on dragons that give more gold. This also has the most revenue of gold out of all dragons. 2 Dragons per habitat, all 78 dragons Level 30: 602 Gold
2 Legend Habitat The best way on habitat that get more gold. This also the most capacity of gold of all habitats. Current limit of habitat: 38 Capacity: 350K Gold
1 Crystals This is the number one way to increase your gold per minute. Provides a bonus of 20% per crystal of the appropriate element 

4 crystals per element

36 crystals total

20% bonus per crystal

Top 5 for Farming Gems[]

Top# Name Why? Qty.# It Gives
5 Deus Daily Bonus Every 24 Hours click your bonus.

However, it needs luck to get gems.

         - 50 Gems
4 Leveling Up Its good when you level up! 51 Levels 1 gems per level-up
3 Dragon Book When you complete one of your collections, you get few gems. 26 Collections (all) More than 100 Gems (all)
2 Winning a League Every 6 hours, it gives you 3 combats. When you complete a league, you advance to the next league.        - 3 Gems per league
1 Winning a Tournament Every 12 hours, it gives a big quantity of gold and gems. Requires a battle with enemies. 92 Combats (all) 172 Gems (all)

Top 5 for Farming EXP[]

Top# Name Why? Qty.# It gives
5 Kindergarten Keep your baby dragons play here while their habitat isn't available! 1 30K EXP
4 Spike Balls Another Way to get more EXP and Food. It is almost half a million of the cost of this but it gives EXP 12 (max) 250K EXP
4 Crystals Best way to get gold, it also gives EXP. It boosts your dragons 20-80% more income than normal. 4 per element  All 36 250K EXP
4 Huge Food Farm Upgrading and Building can unlock more food. So, upgrade these and get the EXP.

12 (max)

250K EXP
3 Magic & Noble Temple Level-up your Dragons to become stronger and got more health. You can get these by finishing these. 1 500K EXP
3 Flesh Eaters Third Way to get more EXP. It costs more gold but it gives more EXP. 12 (max) 500K EXP
2 Knight Temple Level-up your Dragons to become stronger and got more health. You can get these by finishing these. 1 2M EXP
1 Star Shines  Best way on Food & EXP on Foods.It costs but it gives even more EXP and Food. Chance to level - up when you farm more. 12 (max) 2.5M EXP

Badpeteno's Farming Method[]

Badpeteno's Farming Method is suitable for all Levels of gameplay. The Dragon, Crystal and Habitat choices change to suit the level, but the basic method remains simple and flexible.


Please consider including credits and this message if you decide to share this elsewhere, to encourage more people to share ideas and methods that make us all better gamers.

Credits to Badpeteno. We thank him for his generosity in sharing this method with us. It and methods that have been born from it has helped many players.

Important Facts[]

  • Legends are notoriously hard to breed, particularly post-LaW. Unless you have two Lv 4 Legendaries, you will probably find it hard to breed them. For Badpeteno's Farming System you will need several Dragons of the same type, so they will need to be easy to breed.
  • You will need current data for Dragons' Earning Rate, the Habitats they can be placed in (Elements) and the maximum boost they can be given.
  • You will need a large amount of space with no obstacles for building Large Habitats around Elemental Crystals. The Main Island is best suited for Farming.
  • You will need current Habitat Specifications for selection of best for Farming.
  • You will need some basic skill with a spreadsheet software.
  • The current information suggests that the lowly Terra Dragon is best suited for Farming at Game Levels 15 and below.



Badpeteno's Hedgehog and Other Garden

  1. Create a table of your favourite spreadsheet to contain the following information:
    • Dragon Name
    • Elements
    • Lv 10 Rating
    • Lv 10 Rating (at Max Boost)
    • No. of Dragons/Habitat
    • Habitat Cap
    • Max Rate/Habitat
    • Time taken to Fill up a Habitat
  1. Sort the Dragons according to Max Rate/Habitat, in descending order.
  2. Choose a Dragon that is easy to breed nearest to the top of the list.
  3. Start breeding.
  4. Arrange Crystals and Habitats for best rate.


  • It is probably best not to sell off your current Dragons or Habitats, but rather wait until they need to be replaced and keeping them in the Dragonarium or Storage.
  • You will probably benefit from several Farms rather than just the one.
  • The Time taken to Fill up a Habitat is useful if you need to leave the game for extended periods. Consider it as a secondary sort.

Badpeteno and some others report collecting up to around 20M Gold Bar Icon a day pre-LaW update. If you are using the system, please consider sharing your collection rate.

Good luck!

More Tips[]

  • Calculate how long it will take for your Habitat to fill up. Remember to return to collect the Gold Bar Icon. Don't waste it!
  • Boost your Dragon's gold collection rate with nearby Crystals. Terra, Terra Hybrids and Legends have the highest rate after boost!
  • Upgrade your Normal Habitat to big Habitat, so that you don't have to spend all day at the game, collecting (and getting your parents mad at you!)
  • Be prepared! Consider cost-effectiveness. Treat it as you would Real Life $$$ - make a budget to save Gold Bar Icon and stick to it! Remember, some things cost a lot of money, and you may not have an opportunity to get something valuable if you don't have cash ready!
  • Like in Real Life, some things are cheaper in bulk. Consider all your options, compare cost per unit, then choose the cheapest!
  • Farming Star Shines is a consistent way to level up. Check out the different XP rewards and choose the best option!
  • Be patient! Don't waste your Gems speeding up the game! You may need your gems for the Island Events...
  • Introducing your Friends to play DC, can earn you 5 Gems each. Plus you get a new neighbour who can help you with the Island Events! But be careful not to lose your friends over the game!