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What is a Breeding Log?  []

A Breeding Log is a Template created by Jens Ingels for you to record your breeding results.  It looks like this:

Breeding Log2

In this tutorial, I will show you how to edit this template so you can keep track of your breeding results.  Recording the information in this way helps Nmtan and others to determine breeding rules by studying the results of users.  This information feeds back into a database that Nmtan keeps.  It's also a handy reference for you, in case you want to share your information with someone.  

Getting Started[]

First, go to the Breeding Overview page.  At the bottom you will see the template code.  Copy the code.  Next, create a blog post on your own page under "Blogs".  Paste the code into your blog and publish it.  Now you are ready to edit.  

Editing in "Source"[]

All template code needs to be edited in Source mode.  (See screenshot below)

Editing in Source2

Once you are in source mode, the log will look like this:  (see code below)  

Place your cursor after the "=" sign after "Name" and enter your user name.  Then continue down putting in the correct information.    Check out the screen shot below; it will tell you everything you need to do, step by step.  If you get an error, check your spelling and make sure you have entered "Dragon" each time you put a dragon name.  Close the bracket with "}}" to start a new series.  

  • Name = User name, your name 
  • You can add up to 10 rows (10 results), if its over 10 results, you can make another one and start from 1

  |ParentLeft1=Ivory Dragon
  |ParentRight1=Dark Dragon
  |RResult1=Dream dragon
  |ParentLeft2=Mr beast dragon
  |ParentRight2=Karl dragon
  |Result2=Beast gamer dragon           
  |ParentLeft10=wisp dragon
  |ParentRight10=Jorge dragon
  |Result10=Pure Dark Dragon​


  • Each result has a different number at the end of each "key", don't forget to change it when adding new row.
  • Also don't for get to put "}}" at the end of your result table.
Step by Step

Finishing up[]

When you are done editing, click "Preview" to check your work.  If you are satisfied, click "Publish".  Don't be afraid to edit in Source mode.  Once you get used to it, it's the easiest way to edit.  You will make mistakes and that's how you learn.  Don't be afraid.  Knowledge is power!