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This Tutorial was created to address the confusion of new players, who are generally used to the ease of breeding other Dragons. The typical question is: "How do I breed (insert name of Rare Hybrid here)?"

Treasure Dragon 3Ice&Fire Dragon 3

Please note that the Treasure Dragon & Ice&Fire Dragon are Exclusives and are covered in Tutorial/Breeding Exclusives.


Rare Hybrids are Breedable Hybrids whose Elements are opposed.

Elemental OppositesEdit

Element Elem Earth Elem Fire Water Dragon Symbol Elem Plant Elem Electric Elem Ice Elem Metal Elem Dark Symbol Light Symbol War Symbol Pure Legend Symbol


Element Metal Element Ice Element War Element Electric Element Nature Element Flame Element Terra Element Light Element Dark Element Sea N/A N/A


  • Rare Hybrids can no longer be bred if one parent is an Elemental. The updated Breeding System currently requires both Parents to be Hybrids.
  • Rare Hybrids can be obtained when one of the parents is a Legend.
  • There are no combinations that will always produce a Rare Hybrid, even if the parents are Rare Hybrids themselves, (i.e. Gummy Dragon and Gummy Dragon results in either Nature Dragon, Electric Dragon or Gummy Dragon.
  • In the case of Treasure Dragon and Fire&Ice Dragon, both parents must have the level requirement.
  • Possible to get if bred with pures that contain the dragons element. (ex: Pure Flame + Pure Ice = Soccer)


There are several strategies for breeding Rare Hybrids.

Strategy Description Example
Multi-Way Combo Breed Hybrids whose elements can result in more than one way of producing Rare Hybrids. For example, War/Light and Sea/Dark can result in War/Sea, War/Dark, Light/Sea, and Light/Dark. This method results in the highest chance of obtaining rare hybrids, but the chances of getting a duplicate is just as high. Use this method only if you haven't obtained both rare hybrids yet. If you only want a specific rare hybrid, use the Same Unused Element Method. Element FlameElement Metal Medieval x Element TerraElement Ice Alpine
Element TerraElement Metal Armadillo or
Element FlameElement Ice Cool Fire or
Element IceElement Flame Soccer or
Element TerraElement Flame Flaming Rock or
Element FlameElement Terra Volcano or
Element MetalElement Ice Platinum or
Element IceElement Metal Pearl
Same Unused Element Method The simplest way is to just understand the rare hybrid you want, split them apart, and give them a new and same element, and that would be your parents. This will always result in the highest chance of obtaining a specific rare hybrid. For example, if you want Gummy Dragon, (Nature and Electric), separate the elements and add a new element (Terra in this example) and you'll get Nature/Terra and Electric/Terra. This means your parents can be Tropical and Star Dragon. Your possible outcomes include Terra, Electric/Terra, Nature/Terra and Nature/Electric. Using early-level Elements such as Terra and Flame are recommended as they reduce your waiting time. Element WarElement Flame Juggernaut x Element FlameElement Sea Cloud
Element WarElement Sea Leviathan or
Element WarElement Flame Juggernaut or
Element FlameElement Sea Cloud or
Element SeaElement Flame Blizzard or
Element Flame Flame
Nmtan Method Math everything. Select at random two Hybrids that have one of the Elements each. Derive all possible Element combinations. List all possible dragons by Difficulty Group. If there are too many members in the same Difficulty Group as your Rare Hybrid, discard Hybrid combination and re-start process, until a suitable combination is found. If existing Dragons are not suitable, either breed another one and feed to desired level, or choose another pair and start over. This method is too long to display an example

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