Bluestacks is an App Player for Android Applications. Version is a Beta-1 software, supporting Android 4 apps, and is the first Bluestacks version able to run the Dragon City app.


  1. Visit and download the version for your OS (Windows/Mac OSX only), then install.
  2. Start Bluestacks.
Note: If you are under 13 or do not have an FB account, you may skip the FB account steps and play offline. You can always create an FB account later and login from Bluestacks to copy your game data to SP's online game server.

Installing DC from FB Account

  1. Open the FB app (installed by default)
  2. Log into your FB account.
  3. Click on the side button to bring up the side tab.
  4. Click on Dragon City. (You may need to scroll down.)
    The app will direct you to the App Store (you will need to either create a Google account or log in your existing one) page for Dragon City. If this does not happen, search for Dragon City by Social Point.
  5. Click on Install.
  6. Open the App.
  7. Click to log in to your FB account, and play.
DJR DCW Bluestacks-0

DJR DCW Bluestacks-0

Bluestacks -- Running the DC app for the first time.

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