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Summoning is a way to obtain a dragon by using Orbs of a dragon.


  1. Tree of Life links all universes together. Use its mystic powers to summon dragons from Dragonverse!
  2. Collect Orbs by participating in the islands and battling in the Arenas.
  3. Missing Orbs of a dragon to summon it? If you have at least 80 Orbs of this dragon, you can use Joker Orbs as a replacement

Summoning a dragon[]

To summon a dragon, player require to collect and fulfill Orb of a dragon (usually 100 orbs of a specific dragon). Alternatively, Player can use Joker Orbs as a replacement if Orbs of a dragon have 80% available. (usually 80 orbs of a dragon).

When player collect and fulfill Orbs of a dragon, he can summon a dragon. During Summoning process, It takes some days completing this process. Player may skip this process by spending some gems. After Summoning process is finished, press "HATCH" button to proceed sending a summoned dragon into the Hatchery.

Summoning cost[]

While most of dragons are usually cost 100 orbs of a specific dragon to summon a dragon, However, There are some dragons have expensive summoning cost that requires more orbs than most dragon do.

Dragon type Orbs Requirement
Without Joker Orbs With Joker Orbs

80% of it orbs + 20 Joker Orbs

Most of dragons 100 80 Orbs of a dragon
Mythical rarity 150
Heroic rarity 100 (Heroic dragons released prior to 2023)
200 (Heroic dragons release after 2023)
Special families dragons 200 180 Orbs of a dragon
Heroic rarity + a Special families dragons 500 480 Orbs of a dragon

Summoning Happy Hour[]

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