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Empowering is to make dragon become stronger and increased maximum dragon level.


1/4: Give Orbs to your dragon of the same kind to Empower them and make them stronger!

Empowering dragons can be done at the Tree of Life. To empower a dragon, you need several Orbs of the same type of dragon. For example, if you wanted to empower a Flaming Rock Dragon, you would need Flaming Rock Dragon orbs. Orbs can be gained by recalling a dragon. Recalling a dragon will permanently remove the dragon, however, they will leave behind their respective Orbs.

When you have enough Orbs or Joker Orbs of a dragon, you are given the option to empower it. Empowered dragons receive stat boosts in health and attack, and they also have a chance to breed rarer dragons. Additonally, the dragon's level cap will also increase- meaning that it can gain higher levels beyond that of an unempowered dragon.

Once a dragon is empowered, it will gain a star and a permanent cosmetic effect in the form of a ring on the ground will be applied to the dragon.

A dragon needs to reach their adult stage before they become empowered.

Stat Boost Increase[]

1 Star - 12% stat increase - level capped at 45

2 Stars - 24% stat increase - level capped at 50

3 Stars - 36% stat incease - level capped at 55

4 Stars - 48% stat increase - level capped at 60

5 Stars - 59% stat increase - level capped at 70

Empowerment Cost[]

Empowering a dragon that has already been empowered requires an increasing amount of orbs.

If you want to empower a dragon to a star, you need to have the previous amount of stars first. For instance, to empower a dragon to 2 stars, the dragon needs to be already empowered to 1 star. If you want to empower it to 3 stars, your dragon needs to have 2 stars already, and so forth.

0 - 1: 120 orbs

1 - 2: 200 orbs (320 total)

2 - 3: 320 orbs (640 total)

3 - 4: 560 orbs (1200 total)

4 - 5: 800 orbs (2000 total)

Empowerment time[]

The empowerement time increases with the number of stars the dragon has.

0 - 1: x1 hatching time

1 - 2: x1.25 hatching time

2 - 3: x1.5 hatching time

3 - 4: x1.75 hatching time

4 - 5: x2 hatching time


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