Tree Of Life

The Tree of Life is unlocked at level 11. You can find Dragon Orbs, which you can use to Summon/Empower dragons in the Tree of Life. The Summon feature is unlocked at level 11 and the Recall + Empower features at level 23.

Ways to get Orbs

Recalling Opening Orb/Silver-Platinum (on freebies) chests. Heroic Races Or opening chests in the Race for the Dragonverse event. (SUPERNATURAL FAE CHESTS) Arenas (in the form of Warriors' Chests) (VERY RARE chance for obtaining as instant rewards) (Usually Equinox) Alliance Chests (Primal only) (I will make article on Primal is Alliances too) Temporary Quests (not cups, just temporary quests)


The Tree of Life is connected to Yggdrasil. Gaia says it in the Race for the Dragonverse.


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