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Time Steal
File:Time Steal Animation.gif
Element Time
Base Power 2500
Training time 12 hours

Time Steal is an exclusive special skill move for the Dual Perception Dragon and the Dual Parliament Dragon. Its base power is 2500.

Skill effect[]

Deals multiple hits and gives an extra turn

Time Steal is an Extra turn+Multi-hit skill, which is basically a combination of Ephixia and Hex-agony. It can attack an opponent from 2 to 6 times, then gives an extra turn afterward.

Once used, you have to wait 4 turns to use this ability again.


  • Time Steal cannot be directly imitated as it always gain extra turn and followed by an other move as a last attack.
  • The extra turn will trigger first, then the damage.
  • It can deal more damage than most normal attacks, but only if it hits 6 times.