• I've just breed a Cool Fire Dragon  [flame/ice] with a Soccer Dragon [ice/flame] and got a 12h breed - twice at the same time at cave and tree. So, I was waiting for a rare hibrid or an Ice Dragon , since those must be the only results from this breeding with 12h, right? Well, no to my 2 new Cloud Dragon eggs that will hatch in 12h... Well, it seems that some breed/hatch time will be changed, right? Do anyone know about another change?

    the pics:

    Temp 1 p wiki

    cloud dragon egg

    Temp 2 p wiki

    cloud dragon hatch

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    • today, i got cloud dragon by breeding jaggernaut and pirate

      my clud dragon hatching 6 hours o_0

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    • if it's weird to me, Nenufar and Mud use to have 30 seconds hatching and breeding, now?

      6 hours breeding time

      and Nature Dragon is 9 Hours!

      What's going on? Dragon City is kind of affected

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