• First of all, the Rainbow Dragon (and any other dragon not officially released and in DCW pages) is merely rumour at this point. Vapourware. Myth. Doesn't exist in SP's Dragon City game. You can't get it. Period.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but there you have it.

    To those who have been spreading the rumours, we're keeping an eye on you. I'm supposed to be the nicest Admin other than Jens, so I will tell you this: No more rumour-mongering. You cross that line, I will ban you. No more warnings.

    If the Rainbow Dragon becomes fact at some point in the future, this rule will be lifted, but those that have been banned will continue to serve the remainder of the ban. The ban is for breaking DCW rules, not for the Rainbow Dragon / some other dragon.

    Just in case you are wondering... We're predicting (actually nmtan, our Breeding Expert ran the numbers) that breeding the Archangel Dragon + Metal Dragon will result in either a Metal Dragon or an Archangel Dragon.0


    So, this evidence to prove that the Rainbow Dragon is un-released or semi - released.

    Main Article :

    "Not out that I know of, I don't see it in the store, so likely a hack."

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    • It's not me who started that

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    • I am aware of that.

      If you continue it however, the rule applies to you as well.

      I know you would all love to have the Rainbow Dragon / Demon Dragon / etc, etc, etc; I'd like one, too. However, it is my job to enforce the rules in DCW. And the rules are clear.

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    • I don't know about this Rainbow Dragon. If the contributors got mistake by posting this"How to get Rainbow Dragon", please write this to Social Empires Wiki. Rainbow Dragons are available in SE. But, I don't have ways to help these mistakes.

      Rules are Rules!

      -Ivan Clemente (talk) 09:55, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

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    • Well, I just meet a person in Dragon League (of course he's hacked) and he had a Rainbow Dragon. So you can say "maybe" it's unbreadable yet, but can't say it doesn't exist in Dragon City.

      (link removed, hacked content)

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    • Of Course, a person use hack

      Most Persons using hack have:

      Big Amount of Gems, Food, Gold; Have Exclusive Dragons in a event quickly & Unbreedable Dragons that can get quicly like Rainbow Dragon & etc.

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    • The point isn't hack or not, I just wanna say Rainbow Dragon exist in game.

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    • @Cyberdragon

      Actually demon dragon does exist but the event passed so yeah

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    • Ok, the Rainbow Dragon does exist or not?

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    • Crazy DAC the Rainbow Dragon is Level 162.

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    • Rainbow Dragon is, I repeat a vapour-dragon. It does not exist in this game. It exists in other games. 3 days ban.

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    • I personally think it IS GOING TO BE RELEASED(it is not in the game now, I know that.)because there is a rainbow-coloured dragon on the advertisement of the War and Light dragons. Sorry for capitals.

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    • Hayrullah Aygül : Did you have this dragon in your Dragon City game..?! If so, what dragons combination that you used to breed these dragon..?!

      Pls answer ASAP.. this is would be the determination for you, 'cos so far that we know this dragon still unreleased yet.. and posting the unreleased content is prohibited in DCW.

      Breaking the DCW's rules and policies would take the consequences, you'll get banned or blocked for your carelessness.


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    • I gave him a 3 day block, but I left his talk page open so he could protest if he thought I was making a mistake.  Check over there.

      In the interest of damage control, a greater degree of disclouser is needed.  I'll answer the way Jens has in the past with similar issues.

      Q: What is the Rainbow Dragon?

      A: Unreleased Content.

      At this time, placeholder data and images of the Rainbow Dragon exist on the Social Point servers.  Hayrullah Aygül uploaded 3 of those images which I have since deleted.  The only in-game appearance of this dragon is in an advertisement.
      Dragon new

      While most dragons that have placeholder information are eventually released, there is no way to be sure when or if they will even be released at all.  Since the data exists on the Social Point server, hackers are able to get the game to use it.  That does not make this part of the game yet.

      In the spirit of good fun, not spoiling surprises, and not spreading rumors about data that may change drastically, it is our policy not to release the information that Social Point doesn't bother keeping very well hidden.

      This is why Hayrullah Aygül was given a 3 day ban.

      If you want to think it will be released and you want to make guesses about what it's stats will be, that's fine, but the Wiki is NOT the place to do it.

      @Crazy DAC:  I know you mean well, but do not link to hacked content or you will receive a 3 day ban.

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    • Ok, is an unreleased dragon. Just wait the next update of the Dragon City. This will give an answer.

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    • The ban period for our "criminals" xD will be ending soon.

      Please bear in mind that I only have three modes:

      Mode 1: Nice & easygoing, for the first time you break the rules.

      Mode 2: Enforcement (3-day ban), to let you know we're serious about the rules.

      Mode 3: Permanent ban, for those who refuse to take the hint.

      Don't let me get to mode 3, ok?

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    • Please be advised also:

      After a discussion between myself, CyBeRdrgn, Nic.Nex and I guess NMtan (who didn't really care since he's up to his neck in fixing code for the update), we have decided to change the status of the Rainbow Dragon from "unreleased" to "semi-released".

      Those who were already banned will remained banned as their violation in policy is not forgiven by a change in the status of this dragon.  Please stand by while we round the edges out on this one.

      Untill that process is complete, this post remains valid and we will continue to enforce it AS IS.

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    • Look this picture:

      IMG 1006-1-

      Look this update, Unreleased or Released?

      Look this Picture, there's a word "Rainbow Dragon"

      My Q: It is Released or Unreleased ? 

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    • First :

      The announcement above is just for the peoples who played trough mobile version. It was released at 25th July.. and if this announcement has affect for us who played with PC version.. we didn't found Rainbow Dragon in our DC game until today.

      Second :

      Since this dragon appears on popup image.. so to prevent more rumours and ridiculous questions.. we've concluded that Rainbow Dragon as "semi-released". And you could check it out here : Rainbow Dragon

      Third :

      Why you keep asking the same question many times..?! didn't you a mobile version player..?! do you found this dragon in your DC game..?! -- wait until your updating progess finished and then take a conclusion for your self.

      Fourth :

      Btw, i think you've just started a new rumour.. i'll let CyBeRdrgn to give his consideration regarding what you've just posted here.

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    • Ok. I knew it. 

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    • archangel+metal= rainbow dragon 60%

      fisit me or add me

      -- Deleted reference --

      File:Rainbow dragon.jpg
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    • No way, that's impossible! Element LightElement Metal Rainbow is not yet released, not yet breedable. According to your picture, if you even try, you will always get Element Light Archangel or Element Metal Metal from the combination Element Light Archangel Heart Element Metal Metal

      I know but it is how breeding system works. If it cannot find any dragon breedable suit those elements (assuming Round LightRound Metal - currently no dragon have these elements) => system will find another option: that is the parents.

      P/s: Your dragon must be from a hacked game, no way you can breed it yourself

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    • FYI, folks, nmtan has been breeding Archangel and Metal almost non-stop since this rumour started. No Rainbow. Sorry.

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    • I'm waiting for Mobile Users to tell me if they have either bought a Rainbow Dragon in the shop, or bred it. I don't really want to buy an S4 or iPhone just to check. But I will borrow one to check if there is a report. =D

      So, if you're going to tell me something like that, make sure you have your facts right, or you may be banned.


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    • I have an iPhone and Rainbow Dragon is not in the shop.

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    • Negative re Rainbow Dragon in Android part as well. I see only dragons that I see in PC version, no difference.

      Wonder why people get so excited about new draggies? When they get release try getting them...end of story.

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    • Still not in the PC shop.

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    • You were talking and talking and talking about Rainbow Dragon

      but who read the photo of  Ivan Clemente  didn't you notice a word which is "Panzer Dragon " 

      If you didn't notice so check it

      Dont enter special for mohamed
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    • Can any body answer me ???

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    • We saw it. It's also not released. :)

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    • ok Thx

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    • All right then, its 'Official -- Rainbow Dragon is back on the unreleased list, as it is not available by any means short of hacking. When it becomes available in the future, we will move it to the available list.

      Thanks to MRBJ & Simonetti for your help in resolving this issue!

      FYI, there are many more dragons that are on the unreleased list, because SP is not yet ready to release them. The error that caused many of you to think that they have been released is probably the fault of their Marketing Dept (which as I know for dealing with Marketing Dept from various organisations, is staffed by people who are anxious to get information out -- sometimes too quickly) not coordinating properly with the Tech Dept. I trust that this episode has taught you to take what Marketing says with a pinch of salt. Look for the truth in your shop. If it's not there, it's not breedable.

      Let me repeat -- there are many dragons not ready for release in SP's database. This means:

      1) There's lots of dragons for you to look forward to.

      2) They're not in their final form yet.

      Cheers, and please help educate the newbies hanging around asking similar questions.

      Any more questions? I estimate we have answered most of the important ones.

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    • By the way, please note also the conflict between Tech & Marketing. In the game the dragons are called Nirobi & Droconos, whereas in that update, they're called Nirobi Dragon and Droconos Dragon. xD

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    • Panzer Dragon is now also classified as 'semi-released'.  Page comming soon.

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    • Please note: The Admins have decided after a group discussion to allow users to discuss semi-released dragons, which will be considered to be neither "unreleased" nor "available". We don't really want to ban anyone, but rules are rules.

      You may discuss within limits such dragons, bearing in mind that any data you have is likely to be wrong the moment it is actually released (if it ever is). No misinformation will be tolerated. If you don't know, say you don't know. If it is a guess, say it is a guess.

      Personally I find all the discussion of unreleased dragons to be pointless -- we do not know what data is real and what is only a placeholder. Still, in the effort to allow you guys to have fun, we are permitting you to have some flights of fancy.

      Have fun, guys -- but don't mislead people with information we Admins know to be incorrect. That will get you banned 3 days the second time, and permanently banned the third.


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    • See Rainbow Dragon.  I feel no need to answer questions that I spent 2 hours creating a page to answer.

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    • CyBeRdrgn
      CyBeRdrgn removed this reply because:
      15:40, July 31, 2013
      This reply has been removed
    • I want you to understand that I don't want to relase any rumor

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    • See Rainbow Dragon for answers to your question. :)

      I would advise you to read the whole thread carefully before re-posting images that will start rumours.

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    • not yet

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    • Will Rainbow Dragon be released soon?

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    • This is a dangerous question, for asking as well as answering. The fact is we don't know, but I recommend you frequently check the Dragon City. It's an Official App Page. Ussually, when a dragon is about to release, they will have some posts about it.

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    • This is an evidence & Punjipoyjeenponja's answer

      I saw a forum on SP. It says:

      "Not out that I know of, I don't see it in the store, so likely a hack.

      Just a FYI, Sp normally doesn't like pictures of unreleased dragons on the forum, but since since they picture this one in the in-game announcement I don't think they can complain."

      The whole forum is posted on Rainbow Dragon page written as "SP's Forum"

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    • So we wish the rainbow dragon to be released and so we can finish talking about it

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    • You can wish all you like, but it won't change SP's plans.

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    • Ya

      Sometimes I hate SP and sometimes I like it

      It never stays the same

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    • Most of the time I hate them.

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    • Me too.

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    • As is usual with these things, I love the dragons, don't like the company!  But the dragons are awesome!  

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    • but it is not released yet and you cant buy it or breed it until it is released

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    • Arthur121999
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      Bad reply.
      17:40, August 20, 2013
      This reply has been removed
    • Well, if you've been reading...

      The current status of the Rainbow Dragon is semi-released.  You can fight it in a high level stadium battle and see it in several advertisements, but it can not be bred or aquired in any legit way.

      Yep, very clear.

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    • Arthur121999 i dont have that dragon and  i never battled angaist it

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    • I know, i never said that you have it.

      And i know that it can't be bred, or aquired in any legally way(i think i've told it). I've read the page about it lots of times, but if it's semi-released, then ok.

      Anyway, i will remove my comment.

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    • Looked through all the comments until I got bored. Looked on my iPhone. Rainbow Dragon is available as a purchase. It is Archangel &Metal. Don't know if it is breedable. Don't care. But it is out there, not a rumour. Not a hack. I can take a photo and download it to you as proof.

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    • The rainbow dragon is breedable since February 2014, not before that. This thread was so long time ago. I suggest you look into the dragon's page to get more information.

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    • This Thread has been about DCW Policy on unreleased Dragons since before the Rainbow was released. It was not about any specific Dragon, although it may look that way. The Rainbow was merely scapegoat as it was a popular question during that period. Surely that much is obvious. Any more questions?

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    • I'm sorry, as I am new it wasn't obvious to me. The last comment regarding a rumoured Rainbow Dragon was Aug 2013. I commented only because there was no update regarding it's availability.

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    • It might be a good idea if you didn't comment on topics you aren't very familiar with -- i.e., when you "... don't know..." and "... don't care..." As you said, you are new.

      Not that it matters, but... consider the time-stamp of posts. The Rainbow was only released for breeding this year. The last post on this thread is August last year. That should mean to you that you need to find out if the Rainbow was released before the last post before you posted a claim that the post was or may have been in error.

      More important, without understanding the background to this post, why should and would you comment? It looks to me like you skimmed the posts and decided that the posters didn't realize that the Rainbow has been released.

      As I have already said, this thread is about Policy, not about the Rainbow. This thread has a simple background -- to catch the eye of those during that period who believed that the Rainbow had been released, to start an official thread for the clarification regarding the Rainbow and to warn them that our Policy is to ban those who contributed to the rumours.

      As it turned out, this thread achieved its aim. There were only one or two bans under this Policy after this thread started.

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    • 2 bans, not one.

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    • Well,i got a rainbow dragon by breeding Taj mahal dragon with friendship dragon

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    • And I have one too, called Blacephalon. These comments were from AGES ago. I got mine legit.

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    • I don't remember if I have one or not because I haven't been on in a while. (Wifi problems) but for some reason my other apps work fine.

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    • A FANDOM user
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