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  • Called The Dungeon, each part is unlocked when the previous parts are completed.
  • You do not need to compete prerequisite parts to buy the prizes for gems.
  • Gold and food costs are scaled by level.

WARNING: Completing the 1st quest will give you the Dungeon Habitat, however, it counts against your habitat limit (the habitat limit changes by level; the current maximum is 38 for level 40 and above). That would not be a problem if the habitat could be stored - as of June 13th, 2013, it can not.

The only way it can be stored is if you have the maximum number of habitats when you complete Stage 2.

The Game[]

# Name Rewards
1 Into The Dark Dungeon Base
2 The Deeps Dungeon Habitat
3 The Guardian Cerberus Dragon
4 Final Battle Demon Dragon


After each of the chapters are completed, a blub of story text replaces the buy out button.

Into the Dark[]

At the beginning, the brothers lived in peace.

The Deeps[]

Deus wanted to create his own dragon, and so he did it. Darkus was jealous.

The Guardian[]

Darkus used his anger to create the Demon Dragon, protected by the guardian, Cerebus.

Final Battle[]

Time has come to fight. Known Bug

There is a known bug involving placement of the Dungeon Habitat called "docking".

This bug happens when you move the Dungeon Habitat onto one of you 4 main islands. Once there, it can not be moved back. See the Docking Tab for more information on this developing issue.