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Required Items[]

For each part of the quest, you will be required to open 3 sets of locks.  In all parts, the top set is a resource. The other 2 sets will be aquireable items.


The first lock set in each part calls for resources.  In part one, the required resource is gold Gold Bar Icon  For the remaining parts, the required resorce is food.  The initial food cost of part 2 doubles for part 3 and doubles again for part 4.  The total food requirement for the quest is 28 times what the first lock is.



N = Varies by level

Name Action Tooltip Into The Dark The Deeps The Guardian Final Battle
Gold Bar Icon Gold Get Gold Collect Gold from the dragons on the habitats. 4 x N
Food Food Get Food Collect food from your farms. 4 x N 4 x N 4 x N
Dungeon Key Dungeon Key Find lost item Share the news with your friends to add the Key to your reserve! 3 x 6
Dungeon Skull Skull Request Friends Send Gifts to your friends to get Skulls. Your friends need to accept the Gifts. 3 x 6
Dungeon Shield Shield Fight Win PvP Battles to receive Shields 4 x 6
Dungeon Horn Horn Get from breeding Complete breedings dragons to receive Horns. 4 x 1200 3 x 2400 3 x 4500
Dungeon Crown Crown Tournaments Complete Tournaments to receive crowns. 3 x 4
Dungeon Torch Torch Invite new friends Invite friends to collect Torches. Friends need to accept the invitation. 3 x 3