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The Christmas Tree is a special Christmas event. You can win a Christmas Tree decoration, a Santa Habitat, which is a Large Ice Habitat with a larger gold capacity, and the Santa Dragon.

You have to collect items by completing various tasks. You will not get the item everytime you complete the task. The chances of dropping were high at the first day and got lower as time passed. At Day 12 the chance of Item Dropping was about 20%.


  • Find 20 Stars by winning PVPs
  • Get 50 Elf Hats by asking friends
  • Find 20 Dragon Nogs by finishing breeding
  • Find 20 Gift Socks by collecting farms
  • Find 30 Gingerbreads by collecting habitats when the gold sign appears (Rarely appear without the gold sign. [Speculation: The more gold you gather from a habitat, the higher the chance of a Gingerbread drop.])
  • Find 20 Dragon Candies by visiting friends and helping them
  • Collect 30 Xmas items to get a Xmas Tree
  • Collect 90 Xmas items to get a Santa Habitat
  • Collect 160 Xmas items to get a Santa Dragon

First it may seem to be fair, because no Gems are required, but with a closer look you will realize that it is impossible to complete without gems if you do not have 50 or more friends playing the game. You have to get 50 Elf Hats by asking your friends to send them, but you can only ask each friend once! Though for players who started early and have enough friends, it is possible to complete the collection.

After Day 20 it was possible to buy the items for 10 gems a piece.