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Surfaster summoning

Dancer of Waves

Dragon Data

Elements Ancient ElementElement HappyElement Sea
Summoning Crystals Neat Ruby x3Fine Sapphire x3Fine Topaz x1Fine Emerald x2Pure Onyx x4

Requirements for level 2

Bright Ruby x1Bright Sapphire x1Neat Topaz x1Neat Emerald x1Fine Onyx x1
Requirements for level 3 Neat Ruby x1Neat Sapphire x1Bright Sapphire x1 Neat Topaz x1Neat Emerald x1
Requirements for level 4 Bright Ruby x1Bright Topaz x1Bright Emerald x1 Neat Onyx x1Pure Diamond x1
Requirements for level 5 Bright Ruby x1Bright Sapphire x1Bright Emerald x1 Neat Onyx x1Fine Diamond x1

level 1

19 per hour
level 2 30 per hour
level 3 42 per hour
level 4 55 per hour
level 5 69 per hour


Surfaster Dragon 1 Surfaster Dragon 2 Surfaster Dragon 3
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Surfaster Dragon 4 Surfaster Dragon 5
Stage 4
Stage 5


When Surfaster was little, his parents took him to the beach and he liked it so much that he never left. You’ll find him creating life vests out of foam to help dragons that can’t swim.


  • The twelveth dragon in the Ancient Portal is Surfaster, Dancer of Waves.
  • His name is a combination between "Surf" and "Faster".


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