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Squidus summoning

Handler of Tentacles

Dragon Data

Elements Ancient ElementElement ChaosElement Dark
Summoning Crystals Fine Ruby x3Fine Sapphire x4Pure Topaz x6Pure Emerald x8

Requirements for level 2

Neat Ruby x1Neat Sapphire x1Fine Topaz x1Pure Emerald x1Fine Emerald x1
Requirements for level 3 Neat Ruby x1Neat Sapphire x1Fine Topaz x1Fine Emerald x1Pure Onyx x1
Requirements for level 4 Bright Ruby x1Neat Sapphire x1Neat Topaz x1Fine Emerald x1Fine Onyx x1
Requirements for level 5 Neat Ruby x1Neat Sapphire x1Bright Sapphire x1Neat Topaz x1Neat Emerald x1

level 1

9 per hour
level 2 10 per hour


Squidus Dragon 1 Squidus Dragon 2 Squidus Dragon 3
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Squidus Dragon 4 Squidus Dragon 5
Stage 4
Stage 5


Squidus comes from a land far away. He was banished for his wicked behaviour. In the Ancient World, he is looked up to by all the mischievous creatures, who adore the fear he causes among the noble dragons.


  • The ninth dragon in the Ancient Portal is Squidus, Handler of Tentacles.


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