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Hi fellow player of the Dragon City game!

We encourage users to help make this wiki even better. We are striving to turn this place into a reliable source of information for the game.

Before editing any of our articles, make sure to read our wiki's policy!

Here are some to-do lists that need your help: For Information:

Dragon Pages

New Infobox

Recently, with the help of KrisMN, we have decided to use a brand new infobox for the Dragon Pages. If you would want to help out please make sure that you have checked out how the new format would be by visiting Terra Dragon page!

Current Focus

We recommend you to edit the dragon pages that are still missing information or have the old format (except for the Ancient Dragons)! Even better, you can edit the pages that are our top priority


We would love to have some ideas about how you want the Dragon Pages to look like! Have any ideas? Please post it in Shirra2006's Message Wall or KrisMN's Message Wall!


If you are in need of help or have any questions regarding the new design about Dragon Pages, please feel free to ask in Shirra2006's Message Wall or KrisMN's Message Wall!

Dragon Book

As you might have noticed, the Dragon Book pages is still a stub. Thanks to, User:Jaspotn, the page is becoming better every day! If you are in need of help, please feel free to ask Shirra2006!


Currently, we do not yet have decided how the move pages would look like. But if you have any ideas, please tell Shirra2006!

Dragon City

  • Add an infobox
  • Add information about the available languages
  • Add an information about what the game covers, along with the "Main Article" (The article that covers the most information about the topic)
  • Add some more gallery images that introduces about Dragon City (can be found on Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store).


  • Correct grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Improve articles.
  • Replace images with better quality

Breeding Pages

Currently the breeding pages need cleaning up, it includes:

Other Wikis

Other than the English Dragon City Wiki, we also encourage you to help out with other Dragon City Wikis including:

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