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Secret Grotto Maze Island

This event has expired on 24 March 2024 10:59:00 +0000.

Maze island


  • Start: 20 March 2024
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • End: 24 March 2024


During Maze events, some players can get different dragons that they don't own yet as rewards. Therefore these are just some of the dragons that may be obtainable in the Secret Grotto Maze Island event. Usually the Rare to Epic are the same with the Legendary options being different

Specter Dragon 3 Zombie Terra Dragon 3 Rem Dragon 3
Specter Dragon Zombie Terra Dragon Rem Dragon
860 coins 3285 coins (2825 coins + 1 key) 6005 coins (3630 coins + 2 keys)
The below dragons may be different, generally the rest will be of Legendary type randomly selected from ones that you may not own
Skeleton King Dragon 3 Grave Lurker Dragon 3 Scraveton Dragon 3
Skeleton King Dragon Grave Lurker Dragon Scraveton Dragon
10830 coins (4810 coins + 3 keys) 8165 coins 6720 coins