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Sad Dragon m3
Name: Sad DragonDragon Book number:Habitat: Round TerraRound Dark
Habitat Lv: 1Rarity:Shop Lv: 7
Shop: N/AHatch: 60000 Xp templateSell: 1200000 Gold Bar Icon
Breeding: 17 hoursHatching: 23 hoursCategory: 5
Type: HybridGeneration: II


Sad Dragon 0 Sad Dragon 1 Sad Dragon 2 Sad Dragon 3
Egg Baby Young Adult


Stadium and Training 1
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 Round Physical Hard Charge 488 1 day Round Physical Hammer Fist 900
4 Round Terra Meteor Shower 650 1 day Round Terra Asteroid 1200
8 Round Terra Tumble Weed 1050 2 days Round Terra Sand Storm 1350
15 Round Dark Leech 650 2 days Round Dark Black Hole 1350

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Sad Dragon is always sad! Surprise Party? Sad. New Island? Sad. Tomato Menu? Sad. We don't know what makes him happy!


  • Was available for 100 Gem template on Fri,3 October 2014.
  • Is currently available in Deus Daily Bonus.
  • Was made breedable.
  • Although his bio says he is always sad, the Sad Dragon mid-stage form's action is him seeing a flower grow out of nowhere, Grinning, touching the flower, and then watch it wilt and becoming sad again. To sum it all up, the Sad Dragon was actually happy for once.

Automated Names

Automated names are the names that automatically given by the game after your dragon's egg hatched. You can change these names to whatever you would like. However, changing dragon's name after the egg hatched would not considered as an automated name. Automated name could only be maximum of nine characters in length.

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