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Roots of Rage
File:Roots of Rage Animation.gif
Element Primal
Base Power 2000
Training time 24 hours

Roots of Rage is an exclusive special skill move for the RageRoot Berserker Dragon. It has a base power of 2000.

Skill Effect[]

Is followed by a free, random swap

Like Electro Switch, Thunder Switch and Under-the-bus Throw, Roots of Rage is a free switch skill. It deals damage to the opponent, then it swaps places with a random dragon in waiting. It has more base power than both Electro Switch and Thunder Switch, but has less base power than Under-the-bus Throw. Its attacking element is Primal.

Once used, you need to wait 2 turns before you can use this move again.


  • This move can be copied by moves that copy the opponent's last attack (Snow Mirror, Frozen Mirror and Megalomania).
  • It deals critical damage against Pure element, but weak to Time element.
  • It deals more damage than most normal attacks.