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Random Hit
File:Random Hit Animation.gif
Element War
Base Power 1100
Training time 12 hours

Random Hit is a War skill move. It is trainable move for Einar Dragon and Praetorian Dragon.

Skill effect[]

Hit a random opponent


  • Keep in mind that Random Hit is "hit random dragons" skill. Sometimes it may unluckily attacks Random Hit on a dragon with War element as primary element, causing no damage, and sometime randomly picks on Shielded Titan or Corrupted dragons is simply blocked and cause no damage.
    • Random Hit can sometimes cause to hit randomly on Karma Dragon that sometimes can dodge the attack and activate "Karma Revenge".
  • This move can be copied by the Imitator (dragon who can copy the last opponent's move are Frostling Dragon, Iced Sea Dragon and Greedy Vampire Dragon).