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Pure Dark Dragon

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Element Pure.png Element Dark.png



Breedable Breeding Time


1d 20h

Hatching Time Hatch XP

2d 4h


Available In Shop


Price Sell


384000Gold Bar Icon.png

26Gold Bar Icon.png/min

Master Points (Lv 1)


Pure Dark Dragon is a Epic Dragon, with Pure and Dark elements.

The Pure Dark Dragon is the ninth entry in the Purist Collection.

Description[edit | edit source]

The darkness has now doubled! Two evil brains to plot some dark plans and four observing eyes to see even better in the twilight zone.

Automated Names[edit | edit source]

See Automated Names.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is the first two headed dragon in the game.
  • Before the LaW update, the Pure Dark symbol was often mistaken for the Pure Metal symbol due to the color-parts Black and Grey.
  • It was the big prize in "Carnival Games" if you had the Pure Dragon, from Sep.13 to Sep.16.
  • This Dragon is the most powerful dark dragon.
  • All Hybrid Pure Dragons have their secondary element's third strongest attack as their second attack but this dragon has the second-weakest of it's element which is Leech. (Like Pure Terra's  second attack is the third strongest Terra attack, which is Tumble Weed) Pure Dark's second attack should be Ghost Cloud.
  • It can be regarded as a part of the Multi-Headed collection.
  • It is the only dragon with The Grim Reaper as it's 4th primary attack.
  • The original Dark Dragon had acid powers but this dragon has acid+flame(shown in attacking animation)

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