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Predator Dragon m3
Name: Predator DragonHabitat: Round DarkRound FlameRound TerraHabitat Lv: 1
Type: ExclusiveShop Lv: 6Shop: N/A
Hatch: 30000 Xp templateSell: 100000 Gold Bar IconBreeding: N/A
Hatching: 16 hCategory: 4Generation: EX


Predator Dragon 0 Predator Dragon 1 Predator Dragon 2 Predator Dragon 3
Egg Baby Young Adult


Stadium and Training 1
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 Round Physical Punch 338 1 day Round Physical Karate Brick Break 1013
4 Round Dark Life Drain 550 1 day Round Dark The Grim Reaper 1200
8 Round Flame Flaming Arrows 650 1 day Round Flame Flamethrower 1200
15 Round Terra Tumble Weed 1050 2 days Round Terra Sand Storm 1350

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This dragon loves herbivores, especially to eat them. Be careful! When he's hungry he begins to devour any living thing slower than him. Except kittens.


  • From Wednesday 3/7/2014 to Thursday 4/7/2014. Social Point gave a Predator Dragons to 3 Lucky Winners for sharing a video.
  • On 5/7/2013, the name of the Predator Dragon was changed from Carnivore Dragon.
  • He was on the Black Friday Special on 24/11/2014.
  • The Predator Dragon was re-released on 29th December 2014 in the Winter Calendar.
  • The Predator Dragon is the 3rd stage prize for the Timed Challenge that was released on 3rd February 2015.
  • The predator Dragon looks highly identical to the Spinosaurus. It could be that it might have been based of of the Spinosaurus.
  • It was available in Jungle Island.

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