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Mirror Dragon 3.png Mirror Dragon #0095 Robot Dragon Robot Dragon 3.png
Poo Dragon
Elements Category
Element Terra.png Element Sea.png Element Dark.png 2
Hatching Time Hatch XP
18 200000 XP.png
Available In Shop
Price Sell
3500Gem.png 10000Gold Bar Icon.png
Income (Lv. 1) Master Points (Lv. 1)
15Gold Bar Icon.png/min 10


Sometimes it is considered slightly disgusting, but in some parts of the world, poo is thought to bring good luck and fortune! Are you brave enough to put this dragon on your island?


By Leveling Up

Base Power
1 Flying Kick Physical 413
1 Earthquake Terra 550
8 Tsunami Sea 550
15 Leech Dark 350

By Training

Base Power
Stunning Hit Physical Training Center.png 638
Tumbleweed Terra Training Center.png 1050
Storm Sea Training Center.png 1050
Ghost Cloud Dark Training Center.png 1050

Automated Names

See Automated Names.


  • This dragon was made available in a carnival event (12/09/12) - (16/09/12); to win it you needed to get 7 correct answers.
  • This was the first Tribrid of the game.
  • The Poo Dragon lost its Rare Hybrid status after the Light and War upgrade, and it is now considered an exclusive dragon.
  • After the last update breeding changes, to breed a 3-element dragon it is required one of the parents be any Legend dragon.
  • This dragon was being offered for 50 Gem.png and later was recruitable by inviting 3 new friends to game both offers were for a limited time.
  • The weakest exclusive dragon in game.
  • You can get this dragon in the Recruitment Tavern.
  • At April 1st 2021, Dragon city changed the Poo dragons rarity from rare to heroic! This was an April fools prank. Along with that Dragon city also gave a free gift to all players, inside was the handsome poo dragon skin.


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