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  • Start:Tues 13 Jan 2014
  • Duration: 9 days
  • End: Thurs 22 Jan 2014  


Jellyfish Dragon 3 Octopus Dragon 3
Jellyfish Dragon Octopus Dragon

The Game[]

  • Complete the Pirate Mission by fighting and collecting items around Dragon City.
  • Defeat a dragon on each step of the map. Face the Octopus Dragon at the end of the road. Beat him to get it!
  • Complete the Pirate Mission by collecting these items.  Get them all and claim your treasure!
  • Remember that you can collect more items by using speedups in farming, breeding and combats!
  • You can collect from breeding, farming Food , collecting daily items, collecting Gold Bar Icon from habitats and combat wins!
  • To get the Jellyfish Dragon you must collect 100 items.
  • To get the Octopus Dragon you must collect all items of each type (114 total) and win all Pirate Fights!


IMG 0745
Icon Name Action Tooltip Requires
Swords PIRATE SWORDS Fight Here! Every 12 hours, you have a chance to fight a NPC dragon in the Pirate Mission Map. If you defeat the dragon, you get 1 Battle and complete 1 checkpoint. 10
1371180 238292666324485 716200624 a PIRATE FLAGS Get Gold Collect gold from habitats to get the Pirate Flag
The bigger amount of gold, the higher chance you will get the Flag.
1388489 238288509658234 613041613 a HOOKS Get Food Harvest crops from farms to get the Hooks
1388693 238290699658015 1187141052 a MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE Fight PvP! Deafeat player in PvP Combat World to get the Bottles. 20
1373454 238289882991430 1718968217 a PIRATE PARROTS Breed Dragons Finish breeding your dragons to get the Parrot
1376231 238291199657965 1217027172 s GROG BARRELS Get Them Daily Come back every 12 hours to get the Grog Barrels. 10

Battle Map[]

IMG 0746

# Opponent Weak Against Try Avoid
1 SeaMetal Seashell NatureElectric SeaFlame Blizzard FlameWarTerraIce
2 NatureSea Coral FlameIce TerraIce Alpine SeaLightFlameWar
3 SeaNature Seahorse NatureElectric IceFlame Soccer FlameWarSeaLight
4 DarkSea Pirate LightWar TerraSea Waterfall FlameWarMetalLight
5 SeaTerra Plankton NatureElectric SeaFlame Blizzard FlameWarElectricFlame
6 TerraSea Columbus MetalWar IceMetal Pearl ElectricFlameFlameWar
7 WarSea Leviathan SeaIce DarkSea Pirate TerraDarkFlameWar
8 Sea Poseidon NatureElectric DarkFlame Dark Fire FlameWar
9 SeaNature Jellyfish NatureElectric IceFlame Soccer FlameWarSeaLight
10 DarkSea Octopus LightWar TerraSea Waterfall FlameWarMetalLight