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For each of the four parts of the quest, you will be required to collect items and expend resources.

Required Items[]

Name Action Tooltip Greek Temple Poseidon Temple Hades Temple Atlas Temple
Gold Bar Icon Gold Get Gold Collect gold from the dragons in their habitats. varies
Food Food Get Food Collect food from your farms. varies varies varies
Greek Vase Greek Vase Share lost item Find and share them with your friends to get Greek Vases. 6x3
Deus Bolt Deus Bolt Request Friends Send Gifts to your friends to get Bolts. Your friends need to accept the Gifts. 6x3
Trident Trident Fight! Win PvP Battles to receive Tridents 6x3
Omega Coin Omega Coin Get from breeding Breed dragons to receive one Omega Coin per minute of breeding. Speed up breeding to get all your Omega Coins quickly! 1200x3 2100x3 3900x3
Olympic Crown Olympic Crown Tournaments Complete Tournaments to receive crowns. 3x3
Necklace Necklace Invite new friends Get Necklaces by using the "Invite" button in the tab above the game window to invite friends who are new to the game. Your friend needs to accept the invitation.