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Olympus Island

This event has expired on 01 Aug 2013 12:00:00 +0000.

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Olympus Island is a Quest Event. It is available for players level 5 and above. You can win the Olympus Habitat, Poseidon Dragon, Hades Dragon, and Atlas Dragon. It is currently available on mobile devices.

Battle Map[]

# Dragon Critical Avoid
1 FlameDark Burning TerraSea NatureIceMetalLight

2 WarSea Leviathan SeaIce TerraDarkFlameWar
3 NatureFlame Paradise FlameIce SeaLightNatureIce
4 TerraDark Hedgehog MetalWar ElectricFlameMetalLight
5 IceMetal Pearl FlameMetal NatureWarTerraIce
6 NatureFlame Quetzal FlameIce SeaLightNatureIce
7 SeaTerra Plankton NatureElectric FlameWarElectricFlame
8 TerraElectric Sky MetalWar ElectricFlameSeaMetal
9 PureSea Pure Sea Primal WindFlameWar
10 SeaMetal Seashell NatureElectric FlameWarTerraIce
11 IceTerra Great White FlameMetal NatureWarElectricFlame
12 SeaFlameMetal Blue NatureElectric FlameWarNatureIceTerraIce
13 TerraDark Thief MetalWar ElectricFlameMetalLight
14 DarkTerra Bone LightWar MetalLightElectricFlame
15 TerraMetalDark Midas MetalWar ElectricFlameTerraIceMetalLight
16 DarkIceWar Dark Elf LightWar MetalLightNatureWarTerraDark
17 LightElectric Photon NatureDark ElectricDarkSeaMetal
18 SeaDark Twister NatureElectric FlameWarMetalLight


  • This Quest Event has a similar structure and layout as The Dungeon and The Curse of Dramses quests. It is reasonable that the goals and rewards will be similar. It seems that over-all, Social Point has decreased the requirements to win slightly compared to past quests.
  • The format is in the Dojo style for a 10 day event ending April 26, 2014.


How to defeat Bosses[]