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The Missing Dragon Rescue is a permanent event where you can join a 7-day dragon rescue. After every rescue, you can start another by choosing a dragon to rescue. When starting a rescue you'll have to spend Dragon Rescue Keys which can be gained in temporary events. To progress, you will have to fight in each tile using 6 dragons against other 6 dragons and at the end the dragons will fight a boss which guards the dragon that will be rescued. The event is unlocked at level 25.

Missing Dragon Rescue Strategy[edit | edit source]

Varying from different dragons, the event usually takes up to 6 days to complete.

The higher the dragon’s rarity, the harder the battles will be. Battle difficulty increases progressively along the nodes. Grow and strengthen your dragon collection… It’s time to strategize! Having a large variety of strong dragons will help you on the road to success!

To win, you use a team of 6 dragons. It takes 3 hours if you win for the cooldown after each fight. The strategy is to go to the next fight and replace the dragons in the team, allowing a cooldown and a new fight.

Available Dragon[edit | edit source]

Available dragons, by rarity, that can be rescued include:

  • Common Dragons
  • Rare Dragons
  • Very Rare Dragons
  • Epic Dragons
  • Legendary Dragons

Currently, Heroic Dragons are not yet available to be rescued.

Keys[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Rescue Keys used in the Missing Dragon Rescue are a new, permanent resource. Keys will stay with the player from one rescue to another and do not expire. Keys can be obtained from Key Chests in limited-time events or in the shop.

Keys are used to:

  • Start a Dragon Rescue: The amount needed varies depending on the dragon’s rarity.
  • Progress in the Dragon Rescue: Keys are required to unlock each node of the Dragon Rescue. If you are missing some keys, you may be allowed to use Gems instead.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Missing Dragon Rescue is still under development, with dragons of Heroic rarity remaining unavailable.
  • The Beta version of the Missing Dragon Rescue was added in an update on 3 March 2020.
  • The Missing Dragon Rescue is an ending for the classic rescues.
  • Defeating dragons in a Rescue also contributes to the player's dragon's Rank.
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