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  • dragon fossil est trés intilesan et dragon thor est trés fort

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  • Hi Nikola,

    I'm sorry to inform you that some of your edits to dragon pages trivia have been removed.  On the Meteor dragon, you stated that it can use the meteor attack.  That is duplicate information. It is already listed in the attacks portion of the infobox above the trivia.  Also, on another dragon page you stated "This is the weakest DBM dragon".  This is opinion, not fact.  On the Sunset dragon you said "This is a weaker version of the Deep Red Dragon".  They are both Category 4, so how is it weaker?  Also, we want to keep the information about the specific dragon, not what it has in common with other dragons.  

    Please keep your edits factual, interesting and please don't duplicate information already found on the page or is common knowlege.  Thanks. 


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  • Hi, Nikola.kelca!

    Welcome to Dragon City Wiki!

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    Good Luck!

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