Magic Forest/Part 1

This event has expired on 31 Aug 2015 10:00:00 +0000.

Magic Forst
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  • It was released on 21/8/2015.
  • There are 6 dragons in this island, 3 of which are new.
  • According to the game this is the first part, followed by Cursed Forest/Part 2.

Playing hintsEdit

  • The pool is the maximum number of item available to collect. When you start each quest the pools are full.
  • Performing the required action has a chance of collecting one item from the pool. Some items have low chances, which means you have to perform multiple actions to collect each item.
  • Wait is how long until an item is added to the pool. Note: The timer restarts when you collect an item.
  • The best time to collect is slightly longer than a multiple of the wait time after your last collect for that item. In most cases waiting just over 8 hours will fill the pool and is the best way to minimize the time to complete the quest.