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Maeve Mash
File:Maeve Mash Animation.gif
Element Dream
Base Power 2000
Training time 48 hours

Maeve Mash is an exclusive special skill move for the Maeve Berserker Dragon. Its base power is 2000.

Skill Effect[]

Damage is higher when the user's health is low.

Maeve Mash is an Emergency Damage skill, meaning the lower the user's health has, the higher the damage it will deal.

It has the same function as Crazyness, Berserk, Berserk (Arcana), Final Ultimatum, Mythical Ultimatum and Blisstonia.

It's highly recommendable with at least 1 Phoenix Perk in order to maximize the possible damage dealt.

It does not deal damage against dragons with Titan Shield (Titans and Corrupted Clan) and Impaling Shelter {The Spikes), making it useless against them and cause damage as well (if attacked with "Impaling Shelter" being activated).

Once used, you need to wait 3 turns to be able to use this move again.