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Lucky Lair Dealer
Welcome to the Lucky Lair... Try your luck and receive an exclusive Reward by picking a card!


Lucky Lair is a mini-game where the player has to choose a card after the game shuffles it randomly. The game then reveals the prize after the player has picked the chosen card. This mini-game depends on RNG (a fancy term for the player's luck). Lucky Lair has a similar concept of Old Deus Daily Bonus but with lots of UI design improvement. Lucky Lair is automatically reset and started at 12 PM (Noon) CET and after (re)boot the game.


The game starts with 6 cards. Every card has its own unique rewards, which is a Gold Bar Icon, Small Food Box, Medium Food Box, 5 Gems, Tiny Token Trunk, and a high-valued prize. The high-valued prize may differs each day.

However, The probability of getting any of the available prize is not 1/6 each, and the cards themselves are just for visuals. Each prize has its own rarity, and don't be suprised if you are getting one of the less impressive prizes most of the time. If the developer just freely gives the player a rare reward from these type of "giveaways", then some Dragon City players won't be interested buy any of the offers available (Gems, Dragons, Foods, you named it), which decreases their profit, and they simply don't want that to happen.



  • Lucky Lair had originally reset at 1 PM CET after released this Beta feature to some players.
  • Coven Dragon portrays as Lucky Lair dealer.
  • On 10 November 2022, Lucky Lair feature has been removed because it was not adding much value to their gameplay experience for many players.