Magic Forest/Part 1

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Loki Dragon m3
Name: Loki DragonDragon Book number:Habitat: Round WarRound FlameRound Dark
Habitat Lv: 2Rarity:Shop Lv: 6
Shop: N/AHatch: 30000 Xp templateSell: 100000 Gold Bar Icon
Breeding: N/AHatching: 16 hCategory: 4
Type: ExclusiveGeneration: EX


Loki Dragon 0 Loki Dragon 1 Loki Dragon 2 Loki Dragon 3
Egg Baby Young Adult


Stadium and Training 1
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 Round Physical Flying Kick 413 2 days Round Physical Deus Sword 1125
4 Round War Giant Crack 638 2 days Round War War Fist 1500
8 Round Flame Nuclear Hit 1050 2 days Round Flame Magma Storm 1350
15 Round Dark Leech 650 1 day Round Dark The Grim Reaper 1200

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Loki has always been a clever and sharp warrior. With his deadly dark skills he's able to defeat most of his enemies. There is only one thing he lacks to be a perfect warrior: His brother's hammer!


  • He's based on Loki, the God of Fire and Treachery in the Norse Mythology.
  • He has a variation the Chitauri Scepter (green gem instead of blue) attached on his tail. The Chitauri Scepter only appears in the Marvel Universe and not in the Norse Mythology.
  • It's available again in the Viking Island, that runs from 04 Dec thru 11 Dec, 2013.
  • Available as part of Magic Forest/Part 1 in August 2015.

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